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5 new cryptocurrencies to consider buying in 2022

The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, as prices go up and down every day. Yet, new cryptocurrencies are launched almost every day, creating a wide interest around them.

Of course, we all know cryptos who made their owner millionaires. We are also familiar with digital assets that disappeared as quickly as they appeared to the market. 

Anyone involved with crypto investment must be aware of the risk they are taking. We always like to say that you should not invest more than you are willing to lose and this may be the number-one rule of crypto investors.

Well, if you are looking at cryptocurrencies as a profitable long-term investment, you should definitely choose stable, secure and non-fluctuating cryptocurrency. 

With so many digital assets emerging every day, it is really hard to decide the right investment. Today we are exploring 5 of the newest cryptocurrencies that show some great potential.


Decentraland is built on the Ethereum blockchain and seeks to create a global network of users, operating in a virtual world.

With Decentraland users are able to buy and sell digital land and play games in the virtual world. 

There are two types of tokens governing operations in Decentraland - LAND and MANA. Actually, Decentraland is the second-biggest gaming crypto after Axie Infinity and compared to Bitcoin for the last months, MANA has shown a better performance with gain of over 320%. 


Luckyblock is a new project looking to revolutionize the lottery sector, using smart contracts and blockchain technologies. The goal of the project is to generate random gaming outcomes, guaranteeing fairness and integrity.

Luckyblock is the first crypto to ever reach a market cap of $1 billion dollars with more than 40,000 crypto investors. It is actually considered a promising future investment.


Avalanche is another newly created cryptocurrency with great promise. Its blockchain ecosystem was created to work as a secure, decentralized network. It offers a payment solution in the form of the cryptocurrency AVAX.

Avalanche was created to solve some popular issues, found in most of the blockchain networks. The platform combats centralization, providing alternatives to networks like Ethereum, for example. 

It is scalable and has shown some extremely fast transaction times which has put it on par with the best payment processors in the world. Actually, this is the main goal of the platform - to offer high transaction output, using its unique architecture.


Kasta was created to be an innovative payment service provider. It is easy to use and has features allowing P2P transfers of money all over the world. It allows users to buy and sell cryptos, convert them to other cryptocurrencies and receive currencies they want, by scanning a QR code or using a mobile number. 

Kasta is a great example of a technology trying to disrupt the existing monopolized processes. It uses elements of traditional banking as well as cryptocurrency wallet solutions.

SeeSaw protocol

SeeSaw protocol is a fully decentralized platform, created to provide a bridge between blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain. This service helps users to choose a blockchain to undertake their transaction, based on the speed and cost of the process. 

Furthermore, SeeSaw protocol is earning popularity with its aim to enhance total security without a chance of hacking. 

Of course there are many newly created cryptocurrency projects, with great opportunities ahead of them. Anyway, before you consider investing in any of them, be sure you are aware of all the risks and possible outcomes. is an automated arbitrage platform. We can help you take the best trading opportunity. Just choose your subscription plan, and we will do the work for you!